Alan Boswell was born in London’s east end in 1950

He has worked for two stockbrokers and went self employed in 1971. He spent many years in the motor trade and ended with a service station in Sudbury Suffolk.

In 2003 he took a year out and trained as a counsellor then studied psychology at OU.

He moved to Ipswich and went on to design and install bathrooms, specialising in wet rooms and disability wet rooms. Finally founding time to write his first novel with ideas from over the years and reading many Sci-fi novels in his early years.

He currently lives in Thailand writing the Salvation series.

I have always been fascinated by people, not so much what they do, but why they do it. This began watching Mr Spock in star trek in the seventies. Made me look deeply at how emotions affect people, guide their lives without them knowing. This led me to look at health and modern living. How plastic is killing life on earth.

We can all improve our health, it is easy if you really wish to.

Thank you for your visit here, I with you all the best.

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