Research on Moringa for cancer prevention – Research Impact



Many factors are involved in cancer occurrence, the risk factor are including the family history gene mutation or res and the a3 habit of many. Retail Asia confirmed that the dietary intake play an important role in the development of colon cancerĀ  since the year 2000 it has been reported that a shockingly increasing number of Thai people have been suffering from colorectal cancer. Therefore the Institute of nutrition Mahidol University initiated to conduct researches on local vegetables to search for foods which have great benefits on reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. Inflammation also promotes colon carcinogenesis by creating the micro environment during the tumour tissue formation.

This is a reason that we are interested to study the anti inflammatory markers in various plant by using the k42 cells this is the pyramid study the research show Moringa Oleifera have the highest activity to reduce the inflammatory marker among all plants research used Moringa pod with laboratory animals by dividing the animals into three groups. The Brooklyn are divided into sub group for the negative control mice will receive the basal diet without any treatment and for the positive control mice will receive the basal diet and also receive the AOM Association and sodium sulphate work as the positive control the first group was done by comparing between two control groups for a negative control group. When 20 weeks passed they would not have colorectal cancer however when the positive control group had gotten two types of carcinogens at the third and fourth week of experiments they had a colon tumour classified as the colon carcinoma as designed at the end of 20 weeks then and experiments in the second group of mice was the study of consuming Moringa for the cancer prevention treatment Malika thought were mixed with a basal diet at the dose level 1.

5 percent 3 percent and 6 percent the dogs were designed based on the consumption of the human per person per day at the 97.

5% are those who consume the Moringa part at the amount of consumption is the true gram per person per day based on weight in the second group mice were divided into six subgroups the third fourth and fifth groups were fed with different portions of Moringa. So the researchers could study that the Moringa wouldn’t have any adverse effect on the animals organs however the sixth seventh and eighth groups have been fed with some portions of boiled Moringa two weeks earlier then they were injected with carcinogens later they had been continuously fed with boiled Moringa for another three weeks and fed with basal diet until twenty weeks were over the experiment of the last group of mice was the study on cancer treatment for study in the reduction stage of their tumour promotion stage of the colon Casino channel each group of mice will receive their malinka part at the three dose level okay for 15 weeks after the colon carcinogen administration the animals in the ninth 10th and 11th groups were stimulated to have colon carcinoma then they had been fed with different portions of boiled Moringa for 15 weeks the 12th 13th and 14th groups weren’t given any carcinogens. But had been fed with different portions of boiled Moringa for 15 weeks so that the researchers could study that the taken Moringa wouldn’t have any adverse effect on the animals organs the incident amount rapidity of colon tumour classify as a carcinoma will file in theĀ  control room the incident and multiplicity will reduce indoors the dependent manner but significantly decreased at highest dose this reason firmed a preventive effects of Moringa fought for anti promotion activating that mice were fed with a Moringa after carcinogen administration we found that the low dose of Moringa was more effective to reduce the incidence of tumour than the higher dose however the anti promotion has more potentially effects weird anti-inflammatory pathway confirmed by infirmity remark and anti pollination of two months because the low dose of Moringa part is more effective at the promotion stage and the higher doses so consumption in form of diet will said we cannot consume it and at a higher mode due to the consumption value me to Miami that you are for be careful when taking in form of capsule that you should get the hydro’s our results support the health benefit of normal inter part in turn of the anti colon carcinogenesis so the commonly consumed it as an ingredient in a variety of Thai dishes should be promoted not only sour soup made of tamarind paste but also encourages to a variety of manner therefore the Thai traditional menu that contains function or functional ingredient for her benefit under the evident base support should be promoted among young people

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Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!!




Are you taking vitamins for absolutely no reason well that’s the topic of this week’s Wednesday check-up hit that intro odds are you’re probably wasting your money if you’re taking a supplement here’s why I just partnered with the American Osteopathic Association to conduct a Harris Poll where we found that 86% of Americans are taking a vitamin or supplement and only about 20% actually tested positive for nutritional deficiency now this confirms something I’ve known in my heart all along that people are taking these supplements unnecessarily where does this craze come from I think this obsession with vitamins comes from the constant need to improve our performance this unrealistic body image that’s pushed on us everywhere I mean if you just go on Instagram the unrealistic figures that people have is crazy to me most of it is plastic surgery Photoshop or face tune or maybe sometimes performance-enhancing drugs but what marketers do is they prey on your insecurities they sell you products with unproven claims I mean how many times have you seen boost your immune system build muscle fast abs six hours of continuous energy on a label this happens all the time and I have a serious problem with that what upsets me most is when I see health professionals transform into i ka experts the epidemic of the I know all experts there are too many of these experts out there claiming to have all of the answers when the rest of the scientific community has questions while I agree with this guy there are certain instances where evidence shows that vitamin supplementation is beneficial if your doctor tells you you have very low levels of vitamin D it makes sense to supplement if you have a chronic health condition like a malabsorption syndrome where you can’t actively absorb vitamins it’ll also make sense to take one in pregnancy or if you’re even thinking about getting pregnant I recommend to my patients to take a prenatal supplement and if you’re following a restrictive diet I’m talking to you vegans out there I also do recommend and supplementation in that case hold on hold on hold on hold on czar you don’t have one of these health conditions odds are your doctor didn’t tell you to be taking a supplement so let’s get into it and talk about the harms of taking these first of all most vitamins have minimal proof if any of benefit you’re spending money but for what I guess if you really want expensive urine vitamins really give you this false reassurance where you may say oh I don’t eat these vegetables I’m gonna take a multivitamin it doesn’t work that way you’re better off spending your time and effort on changing your lifestyle in other meaningful ways surprisingly some supplements have even been shown to decrease the effectiveness of very common medications like insulin or xanax you have to be really careful it’s pretty rare to get a toxicity of water soluble vitamins but for fat soluble vitamins Deka you can get yourself into trouble with toxicity because they can build up in your fat stores the biggest risk when it comes to taking vitamins is the unknown I know that sounds kind of funny it actually sounds like a movie title no no in all seriousness the FDA does not check this companies don’t need to prove the safety or effectiveness of the product that they’re selling I can right now create a supplement sitting right here pour it into little capsules go and sell it in the store and it’s perfectly legal consumer lab has done testing and found that the ingredients inside many supplements don’t match what’s said on the label proprietary blends of weight-loss formulas have been found to be toxic to the liver and some scary articles have been coming out showing taking high doses of certain vitamins increases risks of cancer my bottom line when it comes to vitamins is if your doctor recommended them for you where you have a medical necessity continue taking them but if you want to take them just to stay healthy or you’re having some kind of symptom that you’re ready to blame on a vitamin deficiency talk to your doctor first because that’s usually not the case and as any honest doctor will tell you while we know a lot about vitamins there’s a lot more that we don’t know so anyone claiming to have all the answers is usually full of it stay happy and healthy.

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Benefits of Moringa: A Nutritional Powerhouse


Today my video is about a sacred ancient healing tree actually called Moringa. Starting off Moringa is really a broad-spectrum antioxidant superfood the botanical name is Moringa oleifera and Ola fares basically means that it contains oils and it’s scientifically recognized as one of the most nutrient rich plants in the world so the Moringa tree originated in India and now it’s mostly found in Asian countries Pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan Africa it’s grown in very tropical regions Florida and different areas around the world now because it has so many different healing properties it’s actually called the miracle tree the drumstick tree the horseradish tree and the been oil tree or the benzoyl tree from the oil that you get it’s a very high quality oil that you get from pressing the seeds of the moringa pods so this Wonder tree basically is amazing because it’s one of the only plants or trees that everything can be used the roots the stems the leaves the seeds the pods the resin the flowers they’re all considered healing herbs and use for different modalities or different symptoms in Ayurvedic which is the traditional Indian healing system and inany which is the traditional Middle Eastern healing system as well as folk medicine ancient folk medicine as a matter of fact Moringa has been mentioned in the annals of ayurvedic medicine and that’s one of the world’s oldest medical systems and in that it lists Moringa as a remedy for over 300 different health conditions negative health can do Asians so research has shown that the majority of the benefits come from the leaves of the Moringa plant and usually the leaves are the safest although there are different conditions that you can use the different parts for the leaves are also known to have one of the highest antioxidant potentials and also a very high protein content some of the antioxidant compounds that have been found in the leaves of the Moringa in addition to vitamin C and beta carotene are corseted and in core certain is a powerful antioxidant which supports normal blood pressure as well as Koller genic acid and that’s also found in high amounts in coffee and that also encourages normal function of the cardiovascular system and normal blood sugar levels after meals it’s Moringa is called a superfood because it has a high nutrient content has a lot of minerals had a lot of vitamins protein levels are high and people in countries have been taking Moringa every single day to supplement especially in countries that are nutrient deficient it has macro minerals it has trace minerals and it has minerals and nutrients and ingredients and also that helped you age more gracefully so I put together some amazing nutritional benefits about Moringa number one Moringa contains ten times the amount of vitamin C than oranges Moringa has three times the amount of vitamin A as carrots Moringa has more iron than spinach Moringa has three to four times the amount of calcium than milk Moringa has twice as much protein as yogurt or milk Moringa contains thirty compounds that supports inflamed taury responses within the systems now we are aware these days and the scientific research points to many different toxins causing inflammation and many negative health conditions that are started with some form of inflammation in the body and Moringa actually has 30 different compounds that can fight inflammation in the body it also has 46 types of antioxidants and over 92 nutrients Moringa leaves are approximately 25% protein which is extremely unique for a plant and Moringa contains all nine essential amino acids are gonna be histidine isoleucine leucine lysine methionine phenylalanine threonine tryptophan and valine but Moringa also contains 18 different amino acids and it’s considered to be a complete protein which is especially important for vegetarians or for vegans if they want to supplement with Moringa Moringa Moringa is extremely popular all throughout Europe and all throughout Asia and a lot more popular in different parts of the world than it is in the United States but it is growing popularity here in the United States as well Moringa contains vitamins A which is beta carotene it has b1 as b2 b3 choline vitamin C like I mentioned earlier vitamin E and it actually has vitamin K in it as well which a lot of people are deficient in vitamin D and vitamin K Moringa also provides substantial levels of calcium copper which most people are deficient in manganese iron it’s a plant based iron magnesium phosphorus selenium another mineral that most people are highly deficient in including iodine as well potassium sulfur zinc chlorophyll and omega fatty acids omega-3 omega-6 and omega-9 an interesting fact is that Moringa contains more potassium than bananas or potatoes Moringa contains beneficial macro minerals and trace minerals Moringa also contains a powerful antioxidant Xia tton it’s called Xia tans ee atin and that’s a plant hormone that can help slow the aging process it’s Moringa is highly nutritious and helps treat malnutrition like I said in many countries because it’s a very cost effective way especially in Africa that can be used by the villagers for their babies to provide the full spectrum of nutrients and proteins for people that might be malnourished it helps athletes now that are using Moringa from around the world and athletes that are competing in endurance sports that are looking for better performance that are looking for additional protein plant-based proteins vitamins minerals etc are using and turning to Moringa as a source and studies have also shown that it helps and potentiates faster recovery times from exercise there’s been numerous studies around the positive health benefits of Moringa it is which I’m going to go over studies that show that Moringa protects the liver it helps stomach disorders that attacks harmful organisms in your body supports brain improves bone health boosts immunity it has immuno suppressive properties it protects the cardiovascular system it helps with blood sugar it encourages breathing better breathing supports kidney function helps with fluid balance promotes helps promote normal blood sugar levels and it helps support healthy skin and nails it’s been around a long time so there’s lots of benefits for Moringa now you can go to Google Scholar actually which will limit your search results to research study scientific journals and the kind of resources that you can look up for Moringa or any herb for that matter and look at the therapeutic benefits and the botanical uses and see for yourself what the research says I always recommend that you go do your own research so one of the things that we touched on a little bit earlier I touched on is Moringa as an antioxidant oxidants are toxins that cause damage to the cells or damage to the tissues and antioxidants are natural compounds that reduce the toxic effect or the oxidation effect and Moringa is is actually classified as an antioxidant and one of the studies that was done in 2006 and that was published by Rutgers University they looked at a hundred and twenty species of vegetables for the overall nutritional content and concluded that the tremendous antioxidant content in Moringa placed it among the most promising species for its potential to improve health that was a study by Rutgers University another study some research that was done by phototherapy research in 2006 said that Moringa provides a rich and rare combination of zia t’en for certain beta sitosterol Kemp Farrell all of those give it a lot of value for the heart deliver the kidneys and the immune system and these are those are just come antioxidant components that are contained in the Moringa plant and in 2014 the Asia Pacific Journal of cancer prevention published an article that scribe moringa as a plant with numerous health benefits owed largely to its antioxidant content those are just a few of the studies on the antioxidant ability of Moringa so we talked also about the inflammation reducing abilities of Moringa and Moringa for like irritation you know inflammation is just irritation if you think about your your tissues are going to be irritated by chemicals or toxins or toxic water or toxic air that you’re breathing in and in the majority of cases that I’ve studied over the years we see inflammation across the board in pretty much every single health condition you can imagine you know if you’re talking about headaches or you’re talking about joint pain you’re talking about diabetes it just it doesn’t matter there’s always some especially with gut health there’s always like some form of inflammation going on in the gut but one of the major benefits of antioxidants is that they soothe irritated tissue they kind of like help put out the fire so to speak so the system in your body and the systems the cells the tissues whatever kind of like at peace and they’re not overly excited or they’re not overly stimulated it’s like being in the red all the time is a major stressor on your body and overall health another thing that Moringa is really good for is controlling blood sugar and one of those health benefits is the way it promotes and helps you balance out your blood sugar and there’s been studies that have supported this you know most of these studies that I quote and most of the studies that are done on herbs or anything for that matter are animal studies so we’re most of the responses and the benefits that we get from people are just from people that have used the herb you know and they report the different types of benefits that they have although there was a 2010 study on 55 humans that reported Moringa leaf powder help promote favourable blood sugar levels as well as lipid levels and do your research on the amount of toxicity that sugar causes in the body these days and the amount of people coming down with diabetes coming down with fatty liver disease you know there’s we have an epidemic of sugar epidemic so Moringa has been known to help regulate your blood sugar levels and again what I’m talking about today please note that these all of these herbs and all of these substances are great to help you but the root cause is what we really want to address everybody has a self-healing mechanism in their body your body can heal itself from any condition and it’s the best thing you can do is avoid those toxins so even though we’re talking about all of the good health benefits of these the real solution is for you to avoid sugar for you to detoxify for you to drink clean water for you to eat organic foods for you to change your lifestyle and live in a toxin suppressed environment but getting back to the modern science reinforcing the traditional use there was also a 2013 animal study that was published in the International Journal of Science and Technology that reported that the folk use of Moringa for supporting healthy blood sugar levels is actually justified and again it has to do a lot of the research has to do with the antioxidants that are being discovered in the Moringa plant a 2015 article in molecular nutrition and food research identified the Moringa isothiocyanates as the calm the compound the main compound in the plant that contributes to the healthy blood sugar there’s not a lot of money that goes into research on all these things like far suitable companies and pharmaceutical drugs which are man-made toxic substitutes that basically cover up your symptoms have hundreds of millions of dollars put behind them most of these studies that are done on herbs or components of herbs are done by colleges universities independent research researchers that don’t really have a lot of money to put behind it which is a which is a shame and the reason why that is is who’s gonna fund the research on an herb if you can’t patent it you know because anything in nature is non-patentable so in other words there’s no money in it but over the years we’re accumulating more and more data in more and more research well I know one of the things that I really love about Moringa is how it supports the liver a couple of animal studies suggest it can help protect the liver from certain types of toxins and if you’ve listened to me before you know how strong I feel about toxins and the root cause of disease and the suppression of our own self-healing mechanism is caused by too many chemicals and toxins coming in and not enough coming out so there was a 2010 animal study in Brazil then looked at Moringa and cholesterol and now they understand the cholesterol homeostasis or balance is maintained in part by the liver so Moringa helps out by not letting the liver absorb so much cholesterol and increases the fecal excretion of cholesterol which you have good cholesterol and you have bad cholesterol your HDL and your LDL cholesterol the rule of thumb is keep your highs high and your lows low so you don’t want high LDL cholesterol Moringa has also been found to be very effective for the kidneys and it helps flush toxins and deposits from the kidneys that was found in a 2006 study Moringa is great for the immune system in a 2015 animal study they reported that Moringa helps stimulate the immune system but I can tell you that one of the fastest ways to stimulate the immune system is to just eat healthy intermittent fasting you know not eating as much not eating is late at night Moringa has been shown to help the lungs in certain situations we talked about blood sugar but Moringa has also been known to help normalize blood pressure although blood pressure a lot of times has a lot to do with you being in a stressful state and you being in a sympathetic state instead of a parasympathetic state and if you don’t know what those are that’s just a state of calmness or a state of stress or anxiety meringue has been shown to have benefits for the brain which is very important in these days I mean so many people are complaining of you know forgetting things and and there’s so many nootropics out there right now for brain health and for memory there was actually a 2003 study published in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology that reported that Moringa root extract has a favorable impact on neurotransmitters there’s also been a couple of positive results to suggest it has the potential to work as a nootropic which stimulates BDNF which is brain derived neurotrophic factor in other words it’s just a balance but also you know all these people are taking all these brain supplements but in reality your gut is what really controls the production of neurotransmitters in the brain and serotonin and dopamine and everything else so when everybody’s looking up here to try to fix this organ what they really should be fixing is the gut and they should be repairing their gut tissue because there’s a gut brain connection if you want to find out more about that just type in Google gut brain connection also as we age women and men action have difficulty with their sex life with their libido and moringa has been shown to help that as a matter of fact the Duke University study showed that having sex roughly two hundred times or more per year could increase your life span by six years now whether that’s in line with that what’s right for you or not that doesn’t matter but we do know that a healthy sex life is good for depression and many other things and although the exact reason is unclear scientists have found that Marengo reduces the stress hormone that causes male sexual dysfunction and that consuming moringa regularly can reduce this stress and actually increase sexual desire as well as encourage everything to be functioning right in the physical sense so scientists also found that Moringa contains saponins or saponin some people call them and that’s the chemical compound that enhances sex drive and levels of the sex hormone testosterone so some people have asked me how long does it take to start noticing the benefits of Moringa once I start taking it and people always want results right away but evaluating and looking and doing my research on it the standard amount of time that most people start feeling benefits is around three days with up to around three to four weeks so if you’re taking Moringa give it some time give it three to four weeks before you start noticing thing any type of benefits although you might start noticing benefits right away the Moringa oil actually is extremely beneficial for the skin you can buy that different places but it has revitalizing effect even even Moringa extracts if there’s a Moringa extract a certified organic Moringa extract in a glycerin base it can be extremely effective for the skin there was one human study that showed Moringa cream improved the appearance of skin and the appearance of wrinkles as well what are some of the other common questions that I get about Moringa what does Moringa taste like well Moringa tastes a lot like spinach it’s got a mild green flavour you can also add Moringa it’s very versatile you can add it to juices you know if you have an extract you can add it to water people put it in their smoothie for suit as a superfood you can add it to green juices you can add Moringa powder to salad salad dressings you can add it to soup you can even bake with it in certain instances so it’s a very versatile very beneficial herb another question that we get is people feel their energy levels rise with Moringa and they always say well does Moringa have caffeine in it it doesn’t have caffeine but the energy boosting effects are the nutrients that it has particularly the coenzymes and one of the co enzymes in Moringa is NADH and that comes from niacin from B vitamins and it’s involved in the cellular energy production because NADH helps improve the brain the heart and the muscle function and it has cognitive benefits as well to help you improve your senses and your concentration so if you’re sensitive to caffeine but you still want a little boost you still want a little energy you know b12 works great for that and Moringa can also help you in that manner and help you with your your need to break boost your brain activity and also your energy levels without the JIT Earnest or the anxiety or the insomnia that you might get from drinking coffee so it’s kind of like a natural coffee replacement another interesting fact about Moringa is in Africa in some of the developing countries they use Moringa to purify water so they take the seeds of the Moringa tree and they they have some amazing amazing properties they crush them all up and then it becomes a natural binder and they can they can mix it in with water and the seeds actually bind all the toxins they catch all the fine substances like bacteria and salts and impurities and all that stuff that clumped together and then they have purified water to drink another interesting fact about Moringa is the ability for Moringa to bond to arsenic so we have arsenic contamination in the food and most of the water supplies it’s all over the world certain types of rice contain particularly high levels of arsenic and long term myth you know I say long-term exposure let’s say a couple years short term exposure to arsenic arsenic is very cancer-causing can lead to health problems over time studies have shown that long-term exposure to arsenic can cause cancer can cause heart disease studies that have been done on on mice and rats have actually shown that the leaves and the Seas of Moringa may protect against some of these effects of arsenic toxicity so there’s very few plants in the world that offer as many nutrients medicinal properties the flowers the the leaves natural harmful organism killers you know when you look at bacteria fungus yeast mold all of these things antiseptics fungicides Moringa has the ability to alter these and has been shown in studies to work on some of these harmful organisms that we all have inside our body that we need to cleanse ourselves from on a regular basis some of the other things that that we’ve researched some of the other health benefits would be like sore throats fever bronchitis swollen glands because of the inflammation chest congestion headache ear infections Moringa oil in the ear conjunctivitis just a few other things and some of the people in Africa actually call Moringa the Moringa tree that never died tree because it is so Hardy it’s so Hardy to drought it even produces fruit during drought conditions although Moringa doesn’t hold up that well during cold so if the temperature gets pretty cold in your area it might be pretty difficult for you to grow Moringa another question that comes up is can pregnant women or nursing women take Moringa it’s not really recommended during pregnancy although research suggests that Moringa can increase the production of breast milk studies have not yet been done enough studies to determine the safety for a Nerf for somebody who’s nursing an infant so it’s best to avoid Moringa that’s your own decision you’re gonna make but my personal opinion is that you should avoid Moringa if you’re breastfeeding or during pregnancy especially the root in the bark and the flowers because they can cause contractions of the womb and that can lead to a possible miscarriage the leaves are determined to be fairly safe but because there hasn’t been a lot of studies on the leaves and any type of contractive forces that they may cause like the bark or the roots or the flowers that’s best to avoid all forms moringa if you’re pregnant that is a good summary of moringa anytime you need to me any more information on Moringa feel free to reach out to us at global Healing Center thank you so much for spending the time watching this video please subscribe to our You Tube channel and just remember you have the power to heal yourself [Music]

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Moringa Review: I Used Moringa for 7 Days

Hello, the weather here is very unstable here today So I better make this intro very quick This is a Moringa Review Research tells me that Moringa has a compound called Moringa Moringa has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as Anti-oxidant properties And you guys have been asking me to review this Moringa product And now I have done so What I have done here is use the product over a 7-day period And video blog everyday for 7 days I wasn’t if I should publish the videos in instalments over a 7-day period or to lump it together as one So in the end, I have decided to lump the videos together as ONE Hence the length of this video I apologize for that because I felt if I release them in installments, there will be loss of continuity So, what are you going to learn in this Moringa review? You’re going to find out how Moringa affects your energy levels whether Moringa affects your mood Whether Moringa has any effects on your sleep whether Moringa contains caffeine how Moringa affects your appetite and how Moringa affects your Blood pressure Indeed if you’re someone with High Blood Pressure, I want you to pay attention to what I did on Day 5 & Day 7 You may want to take a cue from that I should also apologize for Day 3 audio The audi quality wasn’t very good because I shot the video on my cell phone So apologies for that as well All of that is what’s coming up.

You stay tuned I’ll see you in a couple of seconds Welcome back.

I’m Dr Joe of The Dr Joe.

com If this is your 1st time on this channel, can I extend a warm welcome to you This is your home of 20/20 ideas to better health So I’ve getting a lot of requests from you folks You wanted me to find out about a new product that is sweeping the internet The product is called Moringa.

Yes, Moringa I thought, the best way to go about it would be for me to actually test-drive the product myself.

That way, I can give a considered opinion about it So, here we are.

What I have done in pursuit of this is to get the product from a popular retailer This is the product here.

I’ve got 2 of the products One is the powder.

So, I’m just going to open it I paid for this product myself I haven’t been supplied it by the retailer So here we go.

I’m just going to rip them open now That way I can give an unbiased opinion about them This is the tea This the tea.

Moringa infusion tea as you can see there That’s the tea Not only that I also got the powder Rip it open as you can see here so here is the powder That’s the powder there, as you can tell Today is going to be Day 1 of the Test-driving I’m going to use the powder today Let me rip it open It looks like it is in a resealable bag Yes, it is resealable One of the things that has been claimed by the Retailers as well as the manufacturers is that Moringa has the essential fatty acids Omega 6, Omega 3 and Omega 9 They also talk about the fact that it’s got all the essential amino acids that we need and it’s got minerals as well in particular, Potassium, Which is good I always love that.

Products with lots of potassium.

Always good for high blood pressure And as you know lately, I have been talking a lot about fiber So I’m looking at the Nutritional information here It says, the fiber content for this is about 27% in 100 gm of this moringa powder, you have 27.

1 gm of fiber That’s fantastic.

I love that It’s also got Vitamin A, C and Calcium as well This is all good The 1st thing I’m going to do today is Use the Moringa powder I’ve got oatmeal that I have just prepared earlier on So this is oatmeal here One way you can use your Moringa is to add it to Oatmeal That’s what I’m going to do here They usually recommend a Spoonful It’s green because it’s made form the leaves I’m just going to add a Spoonful here This is the oatmeal Made from Rolled Oats.

I’m using Rolled Oats today This is just a Spoonful Maybe I should add another half of this And go Crazy with it! Mix it together A tablespoonful and half That’s what we got here now This is Moringa Oatmeal.

that’s what we going to call it Let’s have a taste I’m excited actually about this Never been excited about Porridge in my life Let’s go.

Let’s see what it tastes like It tastes a bit herbal as you would expect.

But it’s not sharp.

The taste is not sharp It’s a bit neutral.

That’s the way I’ll describe it Today is Day 1.

I’ll let you know what the outcome is By the end of the day So, what’s happened so far The 1st thing I’ll say is; I haven’t had any upset stomach because when you take something powdery, a herbal product you wonder if it’s going to upset your GastroIntestinal Tract So far, nothing like that No upset stomach I don’t feel sick And I haven’t had the runs so far It’s about 8 hours since I had it I don’t know whether it’s going to happen later on.

So far, Nothing I have no side effects to report so far What else? I’ve felt really calm today.

I’m not usually a boisterous person although some of you might disagree I’ve been calm.

Bearing in mind, I’ve done something stressful in the last 2 hours I’m still incredibly calm Moringa seems to be working from that point of view Talking about being calm, let’s see what my blood pressure is Bearing in mind I’ve been doing something stressful in the last 2 hours, let’s see what my Blood pressure is Here we go 128/76 That’s not bad at all.

128/76 So this is Day 1.

We see what day 2 has in store for us Welcome back.

Today is Day 2 of the Moringa Test-drive We are still testing the Moringa powder What we’re going to do today is Moringa Latte That’s what I’m going to test the Moringa on today Moringa Latte What do we need for the Latte? We need 4 ingredients We’re going to need Milk I’ve got a Plant-based Milk here This is Oat milk We’re going to need a bit of ginger.

This is fresh ginger Some pieces of ginger.

Just a small slice from this one here Of course, we’re going to need the Moringa powder We’ll need just a drizzle of honey You don’t have to bathe it with so much honey Don’t forget, honey has sugar in it as well The milk I have warmed it.

It’s a little bit warm I found out that the moringa powder doesn’t dissolve very well in cold milk So, let’s start preparing the latte Pour the milk into a cup Add the pieces of the ginger Add a drizzle of honey You don’t need to flood it You don’t need more than that Of course we going to need the moringa powder Add 1 tablespoon of the Moringa powder Next we going to blitz it So there we go Here is our Moringa Latte Ready to be served Pour into a cup That’s it.

It’s ready So, I’ll have a taste Because I added a bit of ginger That’s given it a bit of a kick It’s got that spiciness to it But it tastes good I’ll drink this and I’ll tell later in the evening how it goes So, Day 2.

You’ll recall, I had the Mroinga Latte this morning So, what happened? Before I continue, let me just say this I had a very good night sleep last night I don’t usually have problems falling asleep As you know, I am obsessed with having good sleep because that’s good for my blood pressure control I can confirm that I had a good night sleep It tells me Moringa hasn’t got caffeine in it Just to corroborate that as well.

I can also confirm that the whole of today, Day 2 that I had the Moringa latte today I have felt nervous or jittery or had ‘the shakes’ That also tells me that Moringa hasn’t got caffeine in it So, that’s good The only thing I discovered today was that after I had the Moringa latte this morning 1 hour later, I was very hungry OMG, I was really really hungry It stimulated hunger and I am not sure why Whether it’s the Moringa or whether it’s the fact that I had ginger in it I have no idea There’s no way I can decide on what actually caused the hunger that’s one downside In the sense that if you have the latte there’s a good chance you could stimulate hunger You could say, that’s a downside So that’s been today’s report Let’s see what my blood pressure is like today 125/85.

That’s what we’ve got today 125/85 That’s not bad.

It’s not perfect.

But it’s okay That’s it for day 2.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow Today is day 3 of the Moringa test I’m away from home I am in my little man cave here at work.

Because of that I cannot do any extensive recipe here So I am using the Moringa tea today The tea is easier to use here at work I have had a cup this morning.

It’s about Mid-day now This is the tea here.

I’m having another cup this afternoon I’m just going to have a little sip here Later tonight I will give you a feedback as to how I feel using the Moringa Tea I had the Moringa tea this morning as well as this afternoon as you saw earlier on So I had it twice today Something happened the 1st hour after I drank it this morning I felt a little bit warm and fuzzy, in a good way I don’t know whether because I was rushing to get to theatre this morning Or whether it’s the tea that was responsible I’m going to corroborate that tomorrow and I’ll let you if that’s still the case Something else happened which I’ll talk about tomorrow I just want to see whether the effect is still the same very time you take it This is the TEA So let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like on Day 3 So Day 3 brings us 127/83 127/83 Not bad for Day 3 This is on Moringa tea We see what day 4 brings tomorrow So, today is Day 4 of the Moringa Test-drive What did I use today? I used the Moringa tea I had 2 cups today One in the morning and another in the afternoon The one of the morning I had it on an empty stomach I can confirm that Moringa at the Tea anyway does give a bounce because when I was in Thetare yesterday, my Theatre Nurses they noticed a Spark an extra Spark about me yesterday I did tell them I was test-driving something a Tea.

They were asking: they want some of it So, Girls, if you want it, the LINK is going to be down there when you watch this video, you can go get it, if you want it It does give a Bounce and a Spark The Moringa tea That’s the main report for today So, let’s see what the BP reading is going to be like today We’ve got 123/71 123/71 That’s not bad for Day 4 We’ll see what Day 5 brings tomorrow So today is Day 5 of the Moringa Test-drive We’re going to have a vegetable salad Of course, we’re going to add the Moringa powder I have just made this Salad dressing here This is a nice sweet and sour salad dressing here The recipe for this salad dressing is going to be in the Wellness forum amongst others We’re going to add the moringa powder to the Salad dressing And of course, we add the dressing to the salad It’s a simple vegetable salad We’re using the powder today.

In the last 2 days I’ve used the Moringa tea But today, it’s going to be the powder I’m going to add a Tablespooful and half of the moringa powder to the dressing Now we’re going to blitz it together The dressing is going to change colour shortly Suddenly our salad dressing has turned Green in color That’s the salad dressing now We going to pour that to the salad and mix it together It’s going to give the salad a very nice beautiful taste Already mixed together I really love it I’ll talk to you later in the evening and I’ll tell how I feel about the Moringa powder today So day 5 of the Moringa test-drive You’ll recall I had the vegetable salad today along with the Moringa dressing It’s been a good day I have had a lot of energy bearing in mind I had some vegetables as well Vegetables are always good for you along with the Moringa I had a very nice energy boost today I went for a 1 and half hour walk Brisk walk My mood has been very great So far the experiment is working Let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like today Today, day 5 – 106/70 That’s not bad for day 5 We” see what Day 6 brings.

See you tomorrow Today is Day 6 of Moringa Test-drive.

We are going to have a Smoothie I’ve got beetroot.

I’ve got banana I’ve got blueberries and I’ve got strawberries BBBS Smoothie That’s what we going to call it.

BBBS Smoothie Of course it’s going to be a ‘Riot of colors’ here We’ll see what the color turns out to be I’m going to add the moringa powder I’m going to add the Moringa powder to the Smoothie Add a Spoonful and half That’s the Moringa powder.

Next, just add some milk and then we blitz Off it goes onto the Nutribullet Excellent.

So here we are This is our Smoothie It’s turned out to be more red than anything else This is our Moringa Smoothie Of course, there’s more to it Pour into the cup Then we drink What does it taste like? One word.

DELICIOUS In the evening I’ll tell you how the day went so Day 6 report of the Moringa Test-drive It’s been a good day so far I think today will be a good day to report that So far for the 6 days that I have been using the Moringa now I have not experience any side effects So I felt I needed to report that today So NO Side Effects What else? Essentially, it’s been the same theme I have had lots of energy.

Of course bearing in mind today I had the fruit smoothie In that fruit smoothie, there are a lot nutrients at play Probably everything that I felt today is not attributable to Moringa I felt I should point that out.

I had beetroot.

I had blueberries I had banana.

I had strawberries They laso have contributed to the way I feel today It’s been a very good day I have also had lots of mental clarity since I’ve been using the product whether it’s due to the Moringa alone is difficult to say That also continued today So it’s been a very good experience so far So that’s day 6 Let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like today We’ve got 120/74 120/74 We’ll see what day 7 brings So day 7 of the Moringa test-drive This is the last day I haven’t got a lot to report today I’ve just been on a 1 and half hour walk I’m just going to give summary but before then let’s just check my blood pressure on day 7 We’ve got 111/64 111/64 Now to the summary I have used the Moringa herbal remedy now for the last 7 days I have to say I’ve had a very positive experience with it I have used both the Moringa powder and the Moringa Tea These are the 2 products that I have used in the last 7 days Does it matter which one you choose? Not really.

I have had positive experiences with both Did I experience any side effects with both products? No, I didn’t Do these products affect sleep negatively? No, they don’t Do these products affect mood negatively? No, they don’t Do they boost energy? Yes, they do, actually I think I had a nice energy boost with them Something else that need to add I have used both products but I have not used them exclusively in the sense that I do other things as well For instance, I do exercise daily Tonight I have been on a 1 and half hour walk Exercise is part and parcel of the deal I also eat healthily So all of those will contribute to the results that I got So will you have the same results as I did in the last 7 days? Probably.

But of course, results do vary You have to put some extra work in I always say that herbal remedy should be part of a wider strategy to managing your health inclusive of your blood pressure And at this point, I should answer the question: Do these products (Moringa tea and Moringa powder) help blood pressure? Well, from my exeperience, they do As you can see in the last 7 days, I’ve been checking my bllod pressure everyday I’ve had some fantastic blood pressure readings Of course you should take a cue form the things I did on day 5 and Day 7 So, on a scale of 1 – 10, how much do I like this product? I’ll say an 8 Yes, an 8.

That’s how much I have actually enjoyed using the product To all intents and purposes, Moringa is a nice product I will recommend it I’m going to leave Links down below, if you want to get your hands on it Links are going to be down there If you’ve got some value from this video, give it a ‘Thumbs-Up’ please Also share the video with anybody whom you think would benefit from watching it If you’ve got any comments to make, make them down there If you haven’t sunscribed yet, please do subscribe I think that’s about it.

Until next time, this is Dr Joe signing out

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Moringa Baum in Deutschland pflanzen

Welcome, in my garden we have to make an experiment today explain how you can grow moringa privately at home in Germany and yourself use the nutrients of the plants with the plant First of all, thank you very much for your 1 was indeed we have some inquiries had regarding Moringa cultivation for private use and here we have prepared the most important good goals with how to best moringa can answer for herself at home so we see here on the one hand losing the the seeds and these seeds are actually in it in this show you don’t have to do it now, how did you do it, first of all simply take a glass of water first and then simply add seeds to it and leaves it a few days, so 34 days just two days after that Soaked it is then sprouted in a sealed container must pay so airy should together with cover exactly so that at all healing process can take place and then as soon as the sprouts come out they will then arrive with the roots that means I can now plant one here already limp if the plant is now potted, what does it need for maintenance on the best little but often pour only from the side, I think exactly from that I side on the leafy green because these are often very sensitive you have to You should be very careful with something like that then say you should take the plant is more wind sensitive that means it would have to be sheltered out looked sheltered and above all the most important thing is yes moringer is a tropical plant grows in tropical tropical enemies so needs at least 20 warmth degree to a constant temperature and these little things are also important For example, you can finally get more substance poor in the nutrients are so acidic and they would then attack the roots, which is why they are so poor in nutrients Take organic earth for the whole growth process or you can Then later on to the picture just start differently and then when I am here is potted or planned and of course it requires a lot of care but it’s a lot of fun i’m fire and flame i have now Biennial plants already in the second generation and am with many topics very pleasantly surprised because it tastes delicious I have had it for several weeks bloom every morning and have found that even in winter So that I left in the garden in winter even they have come now means only if the plant is like that looks like there is no more life in it there is a lot of life in it Root just patiently continue to water at some point he’ll come back something that so the tree is also true in Africa like, for example, when it is then but because of that the tree is called because it really is although one thinks it is now somehow there is nothing more closed get a few more flowers still there are investigations for example the region with the highest density with Moringa were less sick and they weren’t from the hunger drought in the 18 years ago there was already a lot of potential well since i started myself i hope now dare a lot more people to bring this wonderful plant home i show my little plantation the ones with the brown middle voices they are all from last year i treated them differently i had some in the garden in the stairwell and in the apartment and they all came back, including those from the garden, including me I forgot luckily I forgot otherwise I would have probably thrown it away because then you only see a brown one rod and wonderful way 3 marina plants come from one root that means the moringa tree has its strength in the roots yes, don’t give up, keep giving a little water here we now have a plant that is about ten days old that is here two weeks old, it’s about two and a half, they’re all from the last one year here I have one that blooms because the whole time the blooms of I don’t know yet when the one root forming a seed stand at my home we all have to be there to taste very tasty tastes a bit like it is called what I like finally horseradish this is now three months old and is from this year the Serbian came out several times from last year too What is important with the plants when you then have them for yourself raises the small things because the organic earth is very nutritious for them small flies i have the plants two weeks then Vacuumed to get rid of the flies but after that it was quiet in the box and and always have a bit of sand on top of the earth that also protects them a bit from these stories and I hope As you can see it is growing and flourishing, I’ve had this for a few days now greenhouse you can also grow space here with me buy one can also buy from the seeds maybe want to develop that let’s get together a little bit our knowledge together again then let’s go over there and we’ll just show it manufacturing process so that you can see that it is all natural radios you brought us another production process with you Here you can actually see and see the entire manufacturing process On the one hand, everything is natural here these are the seeds from this velvet one can produce oil, for example the other is the the leaves in their leaves ten years there is a high one nutrient concentration farms in Ethiopia pick the leaves known and they are then dried below 42 degrees the historical no cost quality and then it will be here yes no matter how cut that is called so t cut and then it will be here pulverized and then this powder is then encapsulated blizzard also that is the simple process and clarified that is that whatever you offer, the powder in the powder can live next to the cats depending on how the individual likes to eat it, you can use the capsules also open the pulse want to be musli or yoghurt or whatever or you take the capsules like that because it is simply tasteless and has it Also a constant dosage and the likelihood that the capsule the stomach acid survives and the nutrients are then released to the large intestine become very high or did the decision in favour of the cats and here we also have our first moringa oil and you have the opportunity now to test it music exactly it doesn’t bother so I don’t have it now the mouth full of oil it is rather something spicy it can be very cold record, tape in the combination you just see that this oil A special knowledge is high-quality oil and all of these ingredients then transmitted over that it is I am totally 100 percent convinced thank you.

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