Black Soldier Fly

The marvel of Black Soldier Fly

If you do not know about the BSF, then read on to discover all about this marvel of nature and why we have produced a black soldier farm manual.

Firstly, I want to explain the importance of this wonder of nature.

It is important because we are heading for a world famine. To get an idea on the scale of things, please watch this 1.40-minute clip, this is scary. From Matt Ferrel channel Undecided.

Now you can see the problem, most corn grown is for animal feed and uses up most of our Agri land. So, we can either all give up meat, although not a bad idea, it will never happen. However, BSF is a perfect animal feed and will consume anything.

This world shortage will push up prices to an all-time high. You’ve seen nothing yet. If you have a back garden, consider keeping chickens. They are so easy to keep and need little maintenance. Eggs are a cheap form of protein and as you can see, meat will get very expensive.

Free food

What’s more, you can feed your chickens for free. Chickens love BSF and they are a perfect food for all animals especially chickens. Now the marvelous part. BSF will eat almost anything. Except grass as it has too high a cellulose content. Cellulose is what trees are made from.

Black soldier fly love the rottenest fruit, dead fish and meat and even pig shit. However, they are totally pathogen free. Any bacteria they consume is digested. As they live in shit, they produce their own natural antibiotic. Yes, you read correctly. Therefore, they will keep your chickens healthy. They will compost all your food and garden waste. So, build your own black soldier fly farm with our black soldier fly farm manual.

40% Protein

Black soldier fly larvae contain 40% protein and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium. 

They provide more than twice the intake of vitamin A when compared to beef liver.

The larvae contain over four times the iron found in spinach or broccoli, higher levels of calcium than milk, and much lower concentrations of cholesterol.

WOW, I bet you want to eat them yourself. No? Ok but your chickens will love them.

House fly.

BSF produce their own waste, called frass. This frass is one of the best fertilizers and will revitalize your garden. Nature recycling.

The soldier fly will not enter your house looking for food as it does not have a mouth and only lives about a week.

House flies keep away once BSF are established. Because house flies lay their eggs on food, these would be eaten by the BSF larvae.

Black Soldier Fly Farm

To make farming them even easier, they self-harvest. When ready to pupate, turn into a fly, they crawl out of the food looking for a dark place to hide.

You make a ramp from the food up to a hole which they drop though into a bucket ready for your chickens. And you do not have to do a thing.

You also add a small ramp going up to a nesting box full of dry leaves. Some larvae will crawl up this and enter the box to produce more fly.

Sound easy? Well, it is as we have produced a manual explaining all the details on how to build a small-scale black soldier fly farm.

Commercial BSF farms

In case you do not believe the viability of farming BSF, there are many large commercial sites producing tons of them.