ASMR Stimulation

ASMR “autonomous sensory meridian response,” is a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck-

-as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound:” ASMR is triggered by things like whispering voices and paper tearing” ·

The phenomenon, not exclusively generated by sounds, but either; some types of light or gentle physical contact, like getting a haircut or a massage, can create ASMR sensations as well. ASMR does have a calming effect and reduces insomnia.

Have you ever done any weight training or a vigorous workout? Do you remember that for some time after you felt really, eager to go? That is because any stimulation of the nervous system, hence muscles, promotes wellbeing and good health. Without such stimulation the bodies systems slow and become less effective at keeping you healthy. This can encourage the onset of problems even leading to chronic illnesses, especially as we get older.

 “One study found that the medial prefrontal cortex, part of the brain associated with self-awareness, social information processing, and social behaviours, was activated,” while it puts you in a state of relaxation, it seems to stimulate the nervous system bringing an overall wellbeing to the body.

Although it stimulates the nervous system, it creates relaxation by removing stress, which, as is well known, causes ill health. However, the more often we experience ASMR, the more difficult it becomes to achieve. Although, similar practices, like aqua puncture and reflexology, practiced for a thousand years. These practices create a similar effect on the nervous system.

If you have never experienced ASMR, you can simulate it artificially. The two items below create similar effects on the bodies system.

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Foot reflexology

Is a treatment that has been practiced for centuries. It involves applying pressure to different points on the bottom of the foot.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these points correspond to different areas of the body. These points have multiple benefits, including reducing stress, aiding digestion, and promoting sound sleep.

 Floating massage points

Special Silicone Massage Column rotates and goes up and down massaging your feet as you walk.

Tai Chi Bagua acupoint Massage shoes, which can rotate 180 degrees to better stimulate the foot. The columns can be removed .

Velcro fastening uppers.

What is reflexology?

“Reflexology is known as a holistic practice performed on the feet,” says Brian Goodwin, aesthetician, herbalist, and international educator at Eminence Organic Skin Care.

“The concept is that there are meridian points on the feet that correspond with various organs in the body.” This involves reducing stress and bringing balance to the body, energy, and mind.

Acupuncture massage points Provide Pressure Points for Feet and Keep Healthy by the Most Easily and NATURAL WAY-Walking.

With therapeutic Sandals, every step is transformed into a massage, which improves blood circulation and reduces pain, pressure, and fatigue.

This has been proven over centuries.

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Electric muscle stimulation
Electric muscle stimulation


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a physical therapy and fitness technique that uses electrical impulses to stimulate and contract muscles. It is referred to as neuromuscular re-education.

While it was developed for muscle building, it has a comparable effect on the nervous system, reducing fat whilst toning muscles.

These induce a tingling sensation similar to natural ASMR, however, you can generate it for hours at a time.

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Electric muscle stimulation
Electric muscle stimulation

Neuromuscular re-education

EMS machines transmit electrical impulses. through electrodes that are applied directly to your skin.

These electrodes are placed on key muscle groups, such as the quadriceps after knee surgery. 

The electrical signals trigger repeated contractions of the muscles, similar to voluntary muscle contractions associated with strength training.

Electric muscle stimulation
Electric muscle stimulation

Multi function

A 30% increase in strength and a slight reduction in fat mass, one study found. Most programmes found similar results.

Another found it helped athletes boost their speed and power, burning calories. Estimated calorie burn 200-300 per 20-minute session.

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