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If you understood
what is wrong with your back?

If you understand the cause.
How it’s an evolutionary problem.
Then, you will understand the cure and why it is the worlds biggest cause of lost work.
I will explain.


You take the meds, rest up and it seems somewhat better. but it comes back. Doctors never tell you the root cause, do they?


Most people can cure 98% of their pain after following my book.

But it could take a month. Ask yourself, would you stick at something even if it took that long to get rid of that pain?

We have a fundamental fault with our back. We need to change the way we do some things.

I have had pain so bad that I have had to drop to my hands and knees to relieve it. If I stepped off a kerb wrong, I would get a severe stab in the back.

My hospital showed me an x-ray of my spine. One of my discs was almost half the size of the others. The section of bone either side of it was enlarged and denser, where they had been rubbing. The surgeon said it would have to be surgery to sort it. NO thanks. And that turned out not to be the problem. I can live with that.

One day something dawned on me. No I didn’t shout eureka. But I realised something that the medical profession never seem to consider. Why it is such a common problem. Why it is the biggest loss of work hours in the world.

But as I said, there is no miracle. My life has changed, but I will be honest, if I spend the day gardening I will get a little pain. That is telling me, hold on, you are overdoing it. But it is not anything like it was and my own fault. So you may have to watch what you do and pace yourself for the rest of your life. But it is more than worth it.

So I have written this book so you would understand exactly what our problem is and how to overcome it. It is written in everyday language and an easy read. But you will have to change, and it will change your life.

Or if you want to be bored with my whole story? Then read on and I will give you a free ebook , 200 smoothie recipes, an essential heath aid.


From the desk of:
Alan Boswell
Suffolk, England. 

Dear Sufferer,

Stop Coping With The Unbearable Discomfort And Get Back To Enjoying The Activities You Used To Live For.

It all started for me about 1980. I would wake up a little stiff in the mornings. Then I noticed discomfort on days that I stood too long. Before long I had trouble standing up straight on days when I sat too long.

  • Eventually the pain was constant. My lower back pain was something I was always “coping with”.
  • One day my family and I had planned a very special road trip to the coast. It was a weekend trip and we were all looking forward to the time away together.
  • We piled into the car and started on our way. At first it was great. One of those really fun times you have with people you care about.
  • The trouble started about an hour into the trip. It was my back again. I groaned and the entire family knew what that meant.

Another ruined memory for all to share.

By the time we arrived (about 3 hours later) my back was so stiff, I could not even get out of the car on my own. My kids tried to help me out, and eventually I inched each excruciating inch out of the car. The real pain for me was when I saw the look on their faces. As I tried to straighten up, I saw the disappointment in their eyes. They knew the activities we had planned were now “cancelled”. And Dad would be spending the weekend in the hotel room trying to find some relief from the tormenting agony that even pain relievers could not make more bearable. At that moment I realised I had to do something about my back pain. I could not let my life pass me by any longer! So what did I do?

Well I started with all the normal stuff a person desperate for relief tries. I started with my doctor, then lots of pain relievers, then a chiropractor, then a physiologist, then a surgeon, then…

You probably guessed it; none of them could help me. I was at a loss. All of these so called experts and none of their expert advice could do any good.

I honestly thought my life was over.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t work and I couldn’t do any of the things I used to love doing. All I did was suffer. I knew there must be a way to find relief. So I made it my life mission to find a cure for my back pain. My last chance to have a chance at life.
I tried everything I could get my hands on. From vibrating cushions to a firmer bed.

I studied the physiology of the back, the spine, the nerves and the muscles. And then it hit me.

I finally realised what the solution was.

It was a very specific stretching exercise that would allow the damaged muscle and nerves in my lower back to begin the recovery process. I couldn’t wait to put it to work and see if my theory would pan out.
Not only did it pan out, but I have been absolutely pain free ever since. Life is good again.

I can sleep in the same bed with my wife, I can play games with my kids, and I can ride in the car for more than a few minutes at a time.

I can NOW do all the things that I used to miss desperately.

Here’s why I’m telling you my story. First, I can relate to the overwhelming pain you are trying to cope with. And secondly, I want you to know there is a simple solution.

I have just finished an exciting book describing my simple method to ending your back pain forever.

It is simply called

‘Why your back hurts, and the cure.’

I am not a doctor (or a writer for that matter) so the book is a very quick read. I don’t feel any need to fill up hundreds of pages that will impress you.
There are no words that you will have to have a medical dictionary to understand and no long drawn out explanations of human physiology that leave you wondering what the heck you just read.

Instead, I lay the foundation, give you only the information you need to find relief fast and show you how to get started today on the road to a pain free future in easy to understand terms.

In my book you will discover simple, yet exciting truths like:

· You maybe causing your lower back pain by something you are doing right now… while reading this letter (check out page 6)

· Learn how lifting even the smallest weight can further the damage and what you can do today to lessen the pain (see page 7).

· What do super models and kitchen counters have to do with your back pain? (you can find out on page 6)

· You have probably noticed that your regular doctor is no help; I will let you know why on page 8.

· Guess what, your lower back Pain is NOT the problem. You can find out what is on page 8 though.

· The most common solution given by doctors is only masking the real source of your discomfort. What is the most common solution and are you being tricked? (Find out now on page 9)

· How Chiropractor’s “solution” can lead you into “eternal treatments” (Find out this dirty little secret on page 10)

· How a simple exercise saved me the agony of painful back surgery (page 13).

· Discover how your back pain developed and how to find a real solution to the agony (pages 16 and 20)

· Most people miss the first signs of back damage and only discover the trouble when it begins to get serious (read more on page 18).

· Learn the one exercise a physiologist taught me… that actually worked. (page 20)

· This one big secret of nature and how you can use it to not only eliminate your back pain, but to improve your entire life. (page 22)

Now I could charge a fortune for this secret, I mean this is like a sip from the fountain of youth, right? I am giving you a chance to take back your life from the prison of lower back pain.
But relax; I am not going to charge you a fortune. My goal is not to get rich off your suffering, like was the case with my doctor, my chiropractor and my surgeon.

My book is a measly £2.99

I know what you must be thinking. A book so cheap, it must not be worth much, right?
I was afraid that would be the reaction of some people, so I considered raising the price to at least £19.99 or maybe even £29.99. Just so it could get the respect it deserves.

But for now I am not going to. I want as many people to get the relief my book offers as possible. So it stays £2.99 for now.
I am glad to say people are starting to find the relief I have discovered.

You can find the easy way to ending your back pain trouble by reading my book.

Oh yeah, I just came across another book I am excited to be able to give to you just for trying my book out. Let me tell you, now that back pain is a thing of the past, I really enjoy treating my body right. I continue to do the stretching exercises I will teach you as well as many other things to improve my health. One of my favourites is drinking freshly made smoothies. I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but it is like getting away with something bad. So the other book is recipe book that have the best smoothie recipes on earth in them.


The book you will get for free is “200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes”.

All of these recipes are meant to help your body repair itself. So they complement what you will learn in my book ‘Free Yourself From Back Pain’ perfectly. So act now to get the relief I know you long for. There is no reason to keep your life on hold while you try to “cope” with the pain. You can really start living today!


Alan Boswell

PS. Remember, you don’t have to cope with the excruciating lower back pain that is ruining your life any longer. My simple solution is waiting for you right now!

13453889 – divisions of the human spine

Read about the shape of your spine.

21637778 – illustration showing the human vertebrae anatomy

How the joints wear.


In fact, I’ll give you the smoothie book now just for looking.

A Fruit Smoothie recipe book in PDF containing 200 delicious recipes.
For your FREE Smoothie recipe. Click HERE and save.

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