A bit about me. My name is Alan Boswell. I am an author by way of a hobby really, I am a trained counsellor and have studied psychology as I wanted to know what made people tick.

I like to set myself challenges, goals, it is how we grow. One was to publish a novel, but not for the money. I use this site now mainly for info. others goals were to train as a counsellor and study psychology at OU. So, I know a bit about people. Life is not all about making money, but it helps.

Business wise, I began selling online in 2000, although I always had other businesses, I sold expensive handmade English clocks. The factory shipped them out for me. Therefore, I may have been one of the first into drop shipping. However although the mark-up was high, these were very expensive and demand dwindled until the factory closed. Over the following years, I sold many items and tried various affiliate programs. I sold kitchen appliances on Amazon from Alibaba. I have even imported a couple of containers from China. In the early days, there was little trust in the internet and selling was slow. Now the trust is there but so is the competition. The way of the world.

Some drop ship trainers want over £2,000 for training. Then you have to buy a domain and pay for hosting. Then find your products. These people tell you they make a six-figure income per year. No matter how many flash cars, statement or guys claiming extraordinary figures they show you, it is bullshit.

Ask yourself. If they make six figures, why are they trying to make a couple thousand from training?

As a start-up alone, you will have great difficulty in building an online presence The competition is horrendous. You will spend a fortune in advertising to get a small return. You will bombard your social media until contacts start cutting you off. Yet Amazon has became the most valuable company in the world.

So just how did Amazon do it? Affiliates, thousands of them. I can’t believe I did not see this before. The affiliates never made much, tried that. In fact, a few years ago there was a lot of training to sell on Amazon, which again proves it is not a big money spinner.

Yes, the affiliates were bringing in plenty of revenue for Amazon, but more importantly, they were saturating the internet with Amazons name, pushing up the net presence and Google ranking. I have seen a way we can achieve something along similar lines in a very small way. In Fact you can sell the website and even receive a commission from the sales. This will not be competition because everyone’s social media and advertising market will be different. But the more of us promoting the site, the higher our Google ranking and net presence.

We have developed a quadruple income system with an eStore up and running building internet presence, it has had 10,000 hits so far this year proving our marketing works. They are also linked so can attract customers between them.

We are ready to upload products, but although we can build systems, we are out of touch with the young market. We want a young sharp person that is on the ball with current youth trends, to choose the best products to upload from Aliexpress, we will work together on this.

Is that you? If you think it is and you can convince us likewise and you would like the sort of income that you will never achieve in a 9-5, income paid to you wherever you are in the world. Fill out the form.

This is serious we only want someone serious. We want you to be successful so we all gain. Contact me and you will see the big picture when I explain.