Moringa Review: I Used Moringa for 7 Days

Hello, the weather here is very unstable here today So I better make this intro very quick This is a Moringa Review Research tells me that Moringa has a compound called Moringa Moringa has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as Anti-oxidant properties And you guys have been asking me to review this Moringa product And now I have done so What I have done here is use the product over a 7-day period And video blog everyday for 7 days I wasn’t if I should publish the videos in instalments over a 7-day period or to lump it together as one So in the end, I have decided to lump the videos together as ONE Hence the length of this video I apologize for that because I felt if I release them in installments, there will be loss of continuity So, what are you going to learn in this Moringa review? You’re going to find out how Moringa affects your energy levels whether Moringa affects your mood Whether Moringa has any effects on your sleep whether Moringa contains caffeine how Moringa affects your appetite and how Moringa affects your Blood pressure Indeed if you’re someone with High Blood Pressure, I want you to pay attention to what I did on Day 5 & Day 7 You may want to take a cue from that I should also apologize for Day 3 audio The audi quality wasn’t very good because I shot the video on my cell phone So apologies for that as well All of that is what’s coming up.

You stay tuned I’ll see you in a couple of seconds Welcome back.

I’m Dr Joe of The Dr Joe.

com If this is your 1st time on this channel, can I extend a warm welcome to you This is your home of 20/20 ideas to better health So I’ve getting a lot of requests from you folks You wanted me to find out about a new product that is sweeping the internet The product is called Moringa.

Yes, Moringa I thought, the best way to go about it would be for me to actually test-drive the product myself.

That way, I can give a considered opinion about it So, here we are.

What I have done in pursuit of this is to get the product from a popular retailer This is the product here.

I’ve got 2 of the products One is the powder.

So, I’m just going to open it I paid for this product myself I haven’t been supplied it by the retailer So here we go.

I’m just going to rip them open now That way I can give an unbiased opinion about them This is the tea This the tea.

Moringa infusion tea as you can see there That’s the tea Not only that I also got the powder Rip it open as you can see here so here is the powder That’s the powder there, as you can tell Today is going to be Day 1 of the Test-driving I’m going to use the powder today Let me rip it open It looks like it is in a resealable bag Yes, it is resealable One of the things that has been claimed by the Retailers as well as the manufacturers is that Moringa has the essential fatty acids Omega 6, Omega 3 and Omega 9 They also talk about the fact that it’s got all the essential amino acids that we need and it’s got minerals as well in particular, Potassium, Which is good I always love that.

Products with lots of potassium.

Always good for high blood pressure And as you know lately, I have been talking a lot about fiber So I’m looking at the Nutritional information here It says, the fiber content for this is about 27% in 100 gm of this moringa powder, you have 27.

1 gm of fiber That’s fantastic.

I love that It’s also got Vitamin A, C and Calcium as well This is all good The 1st thing I’m going to do today is Use the Moringa powder I’ve got oatmeal that I have just prepared earlier on So this is oatmeal here One way you can use your Moringa is to add it to Oatmeal That’s what I’m going to do here They usually recommend a Spoonful It’s green because it’s made form the leaves I’m just going to add a Spoonful here This is the oatmeal Made from Rolled Oats.

I’m using Rolled Oats today This is just a Spoonful Maybe I should add another half of this And go Crazy with it! Mix it together A tablespoonful and half That’s what we got here now This is Moringa Oatmeal.

that’s what we going to call it Let’s have a taste I’m excited actually about this Never been excited about Porridge in my life Let’s go.

Let’s see what it tastes like It tastes a bit herbal as you would expect.

But it’s not sharp.

The taste is not sharp It’s a bit neutral.

That’s the way I’ll describe it Today is Day 1.

I’ll let you know what the outcome is By the end of the day So, what’s happened so far The 1st thing I’ll say is; I haven’t had any upset stomach because when you take something powdery, a herbal product you wonder if it’s going to upset your GastroIntestinal Tract So far, nothing like that No upset stomach I don’t feel sick And I haven’t had the runs so far It’s about 8 hours since I had it I don’t know whether it’s going to happen later on.

So far, Nothing I have no side effects to report so far What else? I’ve felt really calm today.

I’m not usually a boisterous person although some of you might disagree I’ve been calm.

Bearing in mind, I’ve done something stressful in the last 2 hours I’m still incredibly calm Moringa seems to be working from that point of view Talking about being calm, let’s see what my blood pressure is Bearing in mind I’ve been doing something stressful in the last 2 hours, let’s see what my Blood pressure is Here we go 128/76 That’s not bad at all.

128/76 So this is Day 1.

We see what day 2 has in store for us Welcome back.

Today is Day 2 of the Moringa Test-drive We are still testing the Moringa powder What we’re going to do today is Moringa Latte That’s what I’m going to test the Moringa on today Moringa Latte What do we need for the Latte? We need 4 ingredients We’re going to need Milk I’ve got a Plant-based Milk here This is Oat milk We’re going to need a bit of ginger.

This is fresh ginger Some pieces of ginger.

Just a small slice from this one here Of course, we’re going to need the Moringa powder We’ll need just a drizzle of honey You don’t have to bathe it with so much honey Don’t forget, honey has sugar in it as well The milk I have warmed it.

It’s a little bit warm I found out that the moringa powder doesn’t dissolve very well in cold milk So, let’s start preparing the latte Pour the milk into a cup Add the pieces of the ginger Add a drizzle of honey You don’t need to flood it You don’t need more than that Of course we going to need the moringa powder Add 1 tablespoon of the Moringa powder Next we going to blitz it So there we go Here is our Moringa Latte Ready to be served Pour into a cup That’s it.

It’s ready So, I’ll have a taste Because I added a bit of ginger That’s given it a bit of a kick It’s got that spiciness to it But it tastes good I’ll drink this and I’ll tell later in the evening how it goes So, Day 2.

You’ll recall, I had the Mroinga Latte this morning So, what happened? Before I continue, let me just say this I had a very good night sleep last night I don’t usually have problems falling asleep As you know, I am obsessed with having good sleep because that’s good for my blood pressure control I can confirm that I had a good night sleep It tells me Moringa hasn’t got caffeine in it Just to corroborate that as well.

I can also confirm that the whole of today, Day 2 that I had the Moringa latte today I have felt nervous or jittery or had ‘the shakes’ That also tells me that Moringa hasn’t got caffeine in it So, that’s good The only thing I discovered today was that after I had the Moringa latte this morning 1 hour later, I was very hungry OMG, I was really really hungry It stimulated hunger and I am not sure why Whether it’s the Moringa or whether it’s the fact that I had ginger in it I have no idea There’s no way I can decide on what actually caused the hunger that’s one downside In the sense that if you have the latte there’s a good chance you could stimulate hunger You could say, that’s a downside So that’s been today’s report Let’s see what my blood pressure is like today 125/85.

That’s what we’ve got today 125/85 That’s not bad.

It’s not perfect.

But it’s okay That’s it for day 2.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow Today is day 3 of the Moringa test I’m away from home I am in my little man cave here at work.

Because of that I cannot do any extensive recipe here So I am using the Moringa tea today The tea is easier to use here at work I have had a cup this morning.

It’s about Mid-day now This is the tea here.

I’m having another cup this afternoon I’m just going to have a little sip here Later tonight I will give you a feedback as to how I feel using the Moringa Tea I had the Moringa tea this morning as well as this afternoon as you saw earlier on So I had it twice today Something happened the 1st hour after I drank it this morning I felt a little bit warm and fuzzy, in a good way I don’t know whether because I was rushing to get to theatre this morning Or whether it’s the tea that was responsible I’m going to corroborate that tomorrow and I’ll let you if that’s still the case Something else happened which I’ll talk about tomorrow I just want to see whether the effect is still the same very time you take it This is the TEA So let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like on Day 3 So Day 3 brings us 127/83 127/83 Not bad for Day 3 This is on Moringa tea We see what day 4 brings tomorrow So, today is Day 4 of the Moringa Test-drive What did I use today? I used the Moringa tea I had 2 cups today One in the morning and another in the afternoon The one of the morning I had it on an empty stomach I can confirm that Moringa at the Tea anyway does give a bounce because when I was in Thetare yesterday, my Theatre Nurses they noticed a Spark an extra Spark about me yesterday I did tell them I was test-driving something a Tea.

They were asking: they want some of it So, Girls, if you want it, the LINK is going to be down there when you watch this video, you can go get it, if you want it It does give a Bounce and a Spark The Moringa tea That’s the main report for today So, let’s see what the BP reading is going to be like today We’ve got 123/71 123/71 That’s not bad for Day 4 We’ll see what Day 5 brings tomorrow So today is Day 5 of the Moringa Test-drive We’re going to have a vegetable salad Of course, we’re going to add the Moringa powder I have just made this Salad dressing here This is a nice sweet and sour salad dressing here The recipe for this salad dressing is going to be in the Wellness forum amongst others We’re going to add the moringa powder to the Salad dressing And of course, we add the dressing to the salad It’s a simple vegetable salad We’re using the powder today.

In the last 2 days I’ve used the Moringa tea But today, it’s going to be the powder I’m going to add a Tablespooful and half of the moringa powder to the dressing Now we’re going to blitz it together The dressing is going to change colour shortly Suddenly our salad dressing has turned Green in color That’s the salad dressing now We going to pour that to the salad and mix it together It’s going to give the salad a very nice beautiful taste Already mixed together I really love it I’ll talk to you later in the evening and I’ll tell how I feel about the Moringa powder today So day 5 of the Moringa test-drive You’ll recall I had the vegetable salad today along with the Moringa dressing It’s been a good day I have had a lot of energy bearing in mind I had some vegetables as well Vegetables are always good for you along with the Moringa I had a very nice energy boost today I went for a 1 and half hour walk Brisk walk My mood has been very great So far the experiment is working Let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like today Today, day 5 – 106/70 That’s not bad for day 5 We” see what Day 6 brings.

See you tomorrow Today is Day 6 of Moringa Test-drive.

We are going to have a Smoothie I’ve got beetroot.

I’ve got banana I’ve got blueberries and I’ve got strawberries BBBS Smoothie That’s what we going to call it.

BBBS Smoothie Of course it’s going to be a ‘Riot of colors’ here We’ll see what the color turns out to be I’m going to add the moringa powder I’m going to add the Moringa powder to the Smoothie Add a Spoonful and half That’s the Moringa powder.

Next, just add some milk and then we blitz Off it goes onto the Nutribullet Excellent.

So here we are This is our Smoothie It’s turned out to be more red than anything else This is our Moringa Smoothie Of course, there’s more to it Pour into the cup Then we drink What does it taste like? One word.

DELICIOUS In the evening I’ll tell you how the day went so Day 6 report of the Moringa Test-drive It’s been a good day so far I think today will be a good day to report that So far for the 6 days that I have been using the Moringa now I have not experience any side effects So I felt I needed to report that today So NO Side Effects What else? Essentially, it’s been the same theme I have had lots of energy.

Of course bearing in mind today I had the fruit smoothie In that fruit smoothie, there are a lot nutrients at play Probably everything that I felt today is not attributable to Moringa I felt I should point that out.

I had beetroot.

I had blueberries I had banana.

I had strawberries They laso have contributed to the way I feel today It’s been a very good day I have also had lots of mental clarity since I’ve been using the product whether it’s due to the Moringa alone is difficult to say That also continued today So it’s been a very good experience so far So that’s day 6 Let’s see what my blood pressure is going to be like today We’ve got 120/74 120/74 We’ll see what day 7 brings So day 7 of the Moringa test-drive This is the last day I haven’t got a lot to report today I’ve just been on a 1 and half hour walk I’m just going to give summary but before then let’s just check my blood pressure on day 7 We’ve got 111/64 111/64 Now to the summary I have used the Moringa herbal remedy now for the last 7 days I have to say I’ve had a very positive experience with it I have used both the Moringa powder and the Moringa Tea These are the 2 products that I have used in the last 7 days Does it matter which one you choose? Not really.

I have had positive experiences with both Did I experience any side effects with both products? No, I didn’t Do these products affect sleep negatively? No, they don’t Do these products affect mood negatively? No, they don’t Do they boost energy? Yes, they do, actually I think I had a nice energy boost with them Something else that need to add I have used both products but I have not used them exclusively in the sense that I do other things as well For instance, I do exercise daily Tonight I have been on a 1 and half hour walk Exercise is part and parcel of the deal I also eat healthily So all of those will contribute to the results that I got So will you have the same results as I did in the last 7 days? Probably.

But of course, results do vary You have to put some extra work in I always say that herbal remedy should be part of a wider strategy to managing your health inclusive of your blood pressure And at this point, I should answer the question: Do these products (Moringa tea and Moringa powder) help blood pressure? Well, from my exeperience, they do As you can see in the last 7 days, I’ve been checking my bllod pressure everyday I’ve had some fantastic blood pressure readings Of course you should take a cue form the things I did on day 5 and Day 7 So, on a scale of 1 – 10, how much do I like this product? I’ll say an 8 Yes, an 8.

That’s how much I have actually enjoyed using the product To all intents and purposes, Moringa is a nice product I will recommend it I’m going to leave Links down below, if you want to get your hands on it Links are going to be down there If you’ve got some value from this video, give it a ‘Thumbs-Up’ please Also share the video with anybody whom you think would benefit from watching it If you’ve got any comments to make, make them down there If you haven’t sunscribed yet, please do subscribe I think that’s about it.

Until next time, this is Dr Joe signing out