ASMR Wireless Fitness Abdominal Trainer.


Wireless Fitness Abdominal Trainer.

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Wireless Fitness Abdominal Trainer.

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EMS (electric muscle stimulation) is a revolutionary technology that stimulates muscle tunes, produces muscle movements, and shapes the body. EMS can achieve surface and deep muscle training in just 20 minutes, compared to 5 hours in traditional training.  Effectively stimulate the hip line. Release pressure and lift hip muscles.

Electric muscle stimulation,  fitness technology, will signal directly to the muscles, promote muscle movement, help you build a more beautiful body. Just paste the muscle toner on the back. Tighten your muscles while watching TV, studying, etc.

The remote control can easily adjust the mode. Specifications: Main material: PET resin gel Gasket: polyacrylamide Glycerine remote control: ABS resin Package: 8 different types (No AAA batteries)

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