Research on Moringa for cancer prevention – Research Impact



Many factors are involved in cancer occurrence, the risk factor are including the family history gene mutation or res and the a3 habit of many. Retail Asia confirmed that the dietary intake play an important role in the development of colon cancerĀ  since the year 2000 it has been reported that a shockingly increasing number of Thai people have been suffering from colorectal cancer. Therefore the Institute of nutrition Mahidol University initiated to conduct researches on local vegetables to search for foods which have great benefits on reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. Inflammation also promotes colon carcinogenesis by creating the micro environment during the tumour tissue formation.

This is a reason that we are interested to study the anti inflammatory markers in various plant by using the k42 cells this is the pyramid study the research show Moringa Oleifera have the highest activity to reduce the inflammatory marker among all plants research used Moringa pod with laboratory animals by dividing the animals into three groups. The Brooklyn are divided into sub group for the negative control mice will receive the basal diet without any treatment and for the positive control mice will receive the basal diet and also receive the AOM Association and sodium sulphate work as the positive control the first group was done by comparing between two control groups for a negative control group. When 20 weeks passed they would not have colorectal cancer however when the positive control group had gotten two types of carcinogens at the third and fourth week of experiments they had a colon tumour classified as the colon carcinoma as designed at the end of 20 weeks then and experiments in the second group of mice was the study of consuming Moringa for the cancer prevention treatment Malika thought were mixed with a basal diet at the dose level 1.

5 percent 3 percent and 6 percent the dogs were designed based on the consumption of the human per person per day at the 97.

5% are those who consume the Moringa part at the amount of consumption is the true gram per person per day based on weight in the second group mice were divided into six subgroups the third fourth and fifth groups were fed with different portions of Moringa. So the researchers could study that the Moringa wouldn’t have any adverse effect on the animals organs however the sixth seventh and eighth groups have been fed with some portions of boiled Moringa two weeks earlier then they were injected with carcinogens later they had been continuously fed with boiled Moringa for another three weeks and fed with basal diet until twenty weeks were over the experiment of the last group of mice was the study on cancer treatment for study in the reduction stage of their tumour promotion stage of the colon Casino channel each group of mice will receive their malinka part at the three dose level okay for 15 weeks after the colon carcinogen administration the animals in the ninth 10th and 11th groups were stimulated to have colon carcinoma then they had been fed with different portions of boiled Moringa for 15 weeks the 12th 13th and 14th groups weren’t given any carcinogens. But had been fed with different portions of boiled Moringa for 15 weeks so that the researchers could study that the taken Moringa wouldn’t have any adverse effect on the animals organs the incident amount rapidity of colon tumour classify as a carcinoma will file in theĀ  control room the incident and multiplicity will reduce indoors the dependent manner but significantly decreased at highest dose this reason firmed a preventive effects of Moringa fought for anti promotion activating that mice were fed with a Moringa after carcinogen administration we found that the low dose of Moringa was more effective to reduce the incidence of tumour than the higher dose however the anti promotion has more potentially effects weird anti-inflammatory pathway confirmed by infirmity remark and anti pollination of two months because the low dose of Moringa part is more effective at the promotion stage and the higher doses so consumption in form of diet will said we cannot consume it and at a higher mode due to the consumption value me to Miami that you are for be careful when taking in form of capsule that you should get the hydro’s our results support the health benefit of normal inter part in turn of the anti colon carcinogenesis so the commonly consumed it as an ingredient in a variety of Thai dishes should be promoted not only sour soup made of tamarind paste but also encourages to a variety of manner therefore the Thai traditional menu that contains function or functional ingredient for her benefit under the evident base support should be promoted among young people